Fire disaster near the St. Marie convent in Port au Prince

Dear Haitian Outreach Supporters:

We are sad to tell you that on Saturday, July 27th there was a fire disaster below the St. Marie convent in Port au Prince. A propane gas tank exploded and destroyed 18 structures. I use the word “home” loosely as these are nothing like we think of as a home. They were bare minimum with no running water.  The people that live there lost everything…….and they didn’t have much to begin with according to our American standards.  They only have the clothing on their backs left. Today someone passed away from the burn injuries they sustained. Fortunately, the firefighters were able to hose the wall between the fire and St. Marie and save the convent buildings!

Our Sisters, Daughters of the Queen Mary Immaculate are housing families. They have no food or clothing, except what they are wearing. They do not know if the structures will be rebuilt as this is community property. Haitian Outreach has 5 students along with their mothers and families living in that area. Thankfully they are all alive!

Haitian Outreach has sent a monetary donation to Sister Marie Fernange, Mother Superior of the order to assist with food, water and clothing. The need is great. If you would like to help, please send a donation to Haitian Outreach, PO Box 16, Fitchburg, MA 01420 and in the memo please note “Fire Victims”.  Donations will be sent directly to Sr. Fernange by John and Pauline Aliskevicz to help these people rebuild their lives. Such a tragedy is so heartbreaking.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Pauline at

Please keep the families and children in your prayers. God bless and keep you all safe.

Sincerely, Pauline & John Aliskevicz & Haitian Outreach Team

A few pictures we received are below.

Todd Parker
Join us at the pancake breakfast: Sunday June 23rd

Please join us for a pancake breakfast to support Haitian Outreach. Enjoy pancakes, bacon, juice, and coffee and help support our cause.


Sunday, June 23rd 
9am-12 noon


St. Bernard @ St. Camillus Parish Hall


$5.00 per person, children under age 5 FREE! No family pays more than $20.00. All proceeds benefit Haitian Outreach


Deacon John or Pauline - text (978) 807-434

Breakfast compliments of The Highlands

Breakfast compliments of The Highlands

Attention all Volunteers & Sponsors

Haitian Outreach will open for the summer season starting June 1st in the St. Bernard @ St. Camillus, 333 Mechanic Street, Fitchburg church hall. (Go to the back side (Elm Street side) of the church and there will be a sign to direct you into the hall. Plenty of parking.

We are collecting school supplies, boys and girls clothing (5 y.o. to high school), sandals, and hygiene products, as well as small stuffed animals.

Volunteers are welcome/needed to help prepare items for backpacks.

When: June 1, 2019 to August 31st 
12 Noon to 3:00pm.

Donations can also be picked up by John & Pauline by calling 978-807-4397

Hope to see you soon. 

PS: Tuition/Sponsorship paperwork will be mailed week of May 27th. Please watch your U.S. mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

 Have a safe and happy summer and Many thanks for your support!

Todd Parker
The Snow is Still Falling in March; But let's talk about January

This past January, it was Haitian Outreach month at St.  Bernard parish at St. Camillus church in Fitchburg.   Somehow, even though the weather is totally different from Haiti weather, all are connected in spirit and energy.

  We asked parishioners to bring in donations for the sponsored children of Haiti to be put into backpacks.  With your continued help, together we are helping children get their education and eventually become working-class citizens!

Our parishioners are awesome!  They donated children’s clothing and shoes, school supplies, tooth brushes and toothpaste, as well as soap, face clothes and much more.  We take these necessities for granted.  But to the Haitian people, they are luxuries.   Unfortunately, this year more than ever.  Inflation rate is increasing at 16% per year  and they simply cannot afford any of these basic, but critically necessary items.  With your help, Haitian Outreach creates a backpack for each child in our program. 

We are educating and building backpacks for over 300 children this year!   We travel every year to see our children and give each individual child their backpack.  Yes, we see every single one of those 300+ children.  We also gratefully accept monetary donations.  Haitian Outreach is an all-volunteer organization as most of you know.  Monetary donations are used to offset the expenses for our backpack supplies, which we pack for each child. 

We are grateful and thankful for the continued and generous support that we receive via donations and prayers for safety and success.  We work locally and think globally!

If you would like to sponsor a child to attend school in Haiti, please contact us.

Claude Saturne’, one of the many Haitian Outreach success stories, with Deacon John and Pauline Aliskevicz

Claude Saturne’, one of the many Haitian Outreach success stories, with Deacon John and Pauline Aliskevicz

Donations from St. Bernard Parish at St. Camillus Church (January 2019)

Donations from St. Bernard Parish at St. Camillus Church (January 2019)

Mary Clifford
Haiti Trip Postponed

Unfortunately, we’ve had had to postpone our trip March 5th as Haiti is having a lot of problems in the country with has made it unsafe for us to travel there as planned.

The US State Department recently issued a Level 4 warning to not travel to Haiti dues to crime and civil unrest. We understand water trucks cannot get through because roads are blocked. Stores are closing and food is scarce; also prices of food have risen very high, so they can't buy food even if they could get it.

We hear from our folks and everyone is afraid but well. Surviving as best they can. Please pray for the children, their families and the sisters and teachers who work in our school. One student told me she had not been to go to university in two weeks. It is too dangerous for them to go. 

We are all very sad that we cannot see the children and do our work to help these families. It is such a wonderful thing that we all do to help these people. We make a difference in their lives! We will try to re-schedule our trip when the situation in Haiti improves.

Todd Parker
Rice Money

January means it's time to get ready to visit our sponsor students in HAITI soon.

If you have not already done so, and would like to send "Rice Money" to your child's family in Haiti, please make checks payable to "Haitian Outreach" and send them to Haitian Outreach, P.O. Box 16, Fitchburg, MA 01420

(Rice Money is optional)

All Rice Money must reach Pauline no later than February 14th to ensure it is ready to hand to the student in March when we visit. 

E-mail if you have a questions, please contact us.

Todd Parker
January Donation Drive

January is Haitian Outreach Month at St. Bernard.

STB’s National Honors Society is partnering with Deacon John Aliskevicz and his wife Pauline of St. Bernard’s Parish to collect school supplies and new as well as gently used backpacks to bring to the young students of Haiti.

Please bring your donations to St. Bernard’s High School by February 1st. 

Todd Parker
Many thanks to our sponsors!

We cannot begin to list the volunteers, donors and supporters who give us the means to continue this beautiful ministry. Seeing the faces of the children is heartwarming and we wish you could all be with us to see your sponsor child in person. We truly are making a difference in their lives and the schools we serve.

Wishing you Peace and Joy in the New Year!

Todd Parker
Shipments to Haiti

Our first shipment left in August – 126 bins and our second shipment left in October-62 bins. The first shipment arrived safely.  Recently received word that our second shipment has arrived and is safely waiting for our arrival to distribute to the children. 

Todd Parker
New Collaboration

Deacon John and Pauline continue to meet with organizations in the local area who are excited to work with us to fund raise and collect school supplies that we can send to our schools. St. Bernard High School will be soliciting and collecting school supplies in January. 3rd Grade at the Elementary school already collaborate with us.  If you have any tips, please contact us.

Todd Parker
Location! Location! Location!

As of November 30th we moved our stock out of the property on Water St., Fitchburg. We are still looking for a viable new location with heat and running water. We have our supplies stored in different places for the winter. We continue to search any resource to find a kind person to allow us to do our work for the children in Haiti.

If you know of anyone who has approx. 2,000 sq. ft. that we can use to prepare our backpacks, please contact us. We are willing to pay utilities and rent can be taken as a tax deduction. We are a tax deductible non-profit organization. 

Todd Parker
We Now Support 19 College Students in Our Program!

We started September 2018 with sponsorship for 19 college students. Haitian Outreach will support 5 students going to university in Haiti with Grant Funding and 14 sponsors agreed to help their students attend higher education! We will see these students in March and deliver their backpacks. This is amazing! Who would have thought– attending a University was a possibility!

Todd Parker
Electric Upgrade at St. Marie

Donations and Fund raisers will allow us to purchase an electric up-grade at St. Marie for our use when we visit. It will enable us to keep the refrigerator and another appliance plugged in at the same time. Thank you for your generous donations and feel free to donate online to help the cause!

Todd Parker
2019 Trip to Haiti!

A group of 12 will be leaving early March 2019 for a week in Haiti. We will see 302 children and deliver their backpacks.   One volunteer is monitoring our processes as he will model our program for children in Liberia. We wish him well!

Pray for a safe and successful trip.

Todd Parker
January is Haitian Outreach Month

We will have collection baskets at the entrances of the St. Bernard @ St. Camillus Parish, Fitchburg church to collect school supplies, backpacks and children’s clothing and shoes. The parish is very generous to Haitian Outreach and we are grateful because it makes a difference in the lives of the children we minister to. If you can’t attend in person, you can always donate online. Many thanks.

Todd Parker
Fall Shipment Update

Our second shipment left Fitchburg Friday, October 26th for its long arduous trip to Haiti via cargo ship.

Our first shipment arrived and is safely in our Bureau Leclerc in Haiti waiting for us to get there in March 2019--Hurrah!

We continue to search for a new viable location to build our backpacks and continue the amazing work we do for the children of Haiti, in the Fitchburg Leominster area.

If you know of anyone willing to help us, please call Deacon John at 978-618-9323 or Pauline at 978-807-4397 or email us at Looking for a special gift for someone who has everything? Consider a donation to Haitian Outreach, PO Box 16, Fitchburg, MA 01420

Thank you for your generosity to the children of Haitian Outreach! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Sending thankful blessings and peace to all of you!
Deacon John and Pauline Aliskevicz - directors

Todd Parker