Ways to help

Thank you to all who work so hard to keep this ministry afloat and for the generosity of the good souls whose donations help us help others. Together we are making a difference in Haiti! Please take a minute to see what you can do to give the gift of education and hope to a child.


Support our projects

We keep a running list of the bigger projects we'd like to take on if we have enough funding. Please consider donating to help the nuns and schools be the best they can be for the children.


After-School Program

The sisters put this program on hold for several reasons. Our Advisory group will consider other options for the use of the funds raised in 2018.



The Sisters have asked us to help them purchase a larger generator. The electricity in Haiti continues to be off more than on and it is a problem. Funds being raised this year will be used to assist the sisters to purchase a new generator. Estimated cost: $10,000. 


New Roof

The roof is still in need of repair in the convent. There is a large hole that is causing water damage during the wet season. Estimated cost: $15,000



Donate supplies

You can help by donating supplies for backpacks and our yearly trip to Haiti:

  • Children's school backpacks

  • Dress Shoes (black)

  • White or black Ankle socks

  • Sandals & Flip-flops

  • Children's clothing

  • 5-Wire bound Notebooks

  • Composition book

  • Pencils &sharpeners

  • Black & blue Pens

  • Erasers, Rulers, Calculators

  • Hair pick , Brush, Combs

  • Small Dry Erase Board

  • Bars of soap (Ivory)

  • Washcloths

  • Deodorant

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Shampoo (no Conditioner)

  • Lip gloss, Nail kit and polish

  • Coloring books

  • Crayons/markers/colored pencils

  • Journal or small notebook

  • Small purse, or scarf

  • Scissors - any size

  • Small Mirrors, Sewing kits

  • Deck of cards

  • Jewelry/earrings/necklace or bracelet, watches, beads

  • Individually wrapped candy or lollipops

  • Girl or boy toys/jump ropes, jacks, dolls, soccer or basketballs

  • Underwear-children-girls or boys-teens

  • Sun hat or baseball caps

  • 1-2 lbs bags of Rice and Beans

  • Canned foods: spam, chicken, tuna

  • Silver or plasticware for our schools


How to drop off donations:

To schedule a drop-off of donations, please get in touch to schedule a time.


In memory of…

Know someone who loves our mission? Show your love for friends and family by asking them to donate in their memory to Haitian Outreach.

Mural from Haiti

Mural from Haiti


We need a new home!

Our church has been for sale for 5 years now and sooner or later it will be sold.

We pray for someone to purchase the property and renovate the buildings; maybe even build a new space for Haitian Outreach to continue its amazing work for the children of Haiti. A building with heat and running water would be heaven.

If you know of anyone who would be able to help with this dilemma, please contact us.


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