Haiti Trip Postponed

Unfortunately, we’ve had had to postpone our trip March 5th as Haiti is having a lot of problems in the country with has made it unsafe for us to travel there as planned.

The US State Department recently issued a Level 4 warning to not travel to Haiti dues to crime and civil unrest. We understand water trucks cannot get through because roads are blocked. Stores are closing and food is scarce; also prices of food have risen very high, so they can't buy food even if they could get it.

We hear from our folks and everyone is afraid but well. Surviving as best they can. Please pray for the children, their families and the sisters and teachers who work in our school. One student told me she had not been to go to university in two weeks. It is too dangerous for them to go. 

We are all very sad that we cannot see the children and do our work to help these families. It is such a wonderful thing that we all do to help these people. We make a difference in their lives! We will try to re-schedule our trip when the situation in Haiti improves.

Todd Parker