From a Sweet Little Girl to an Educated Person


She was a sweet little girl who became an educated person. One more hope for Haiti.

Everything started on one of our first visits to Haiti, in the year of 2000 when I and my first wife Lorrie with a group of 6 volunteers flew there and a stop at the Lilavois Mission. 

On arrival, we noticed a little girl named Beatrice. At that time, she might have been 5 years old. She was adorable, but too shy to talk to us, because that was the first time in her life seeing a white person. For some reason, she would spend most of the day with the sisters.

 As we worked at the property, she just sat and watched us. We gave her a very small teddy bear (Nounous in creole) as a gesture of friendship and also a small box of raisins.

She held those raisins all day until I noticed and asked a sister to inform her it was good to eat.

Beatrice was our sponsored child. And every year when we returned to Haiti, we would see her and bring her gifts. She is now on the Island of Dominique as a novice becoming a sister. We still have contact through her brother in Haiti and look forward to going to visit her when she takes her vows.

May God bless her so that she could be well prepared to come back to her country being able to help the poor in Haiti.


Todd Parker