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I Left My Heart in Haiti

Archived:  Thoughts from Haiti

144 Hours in Haiti                       by Rose Mary Richards                  June 2016

March 8th to March 13th was a continuous 144 hours over 6 days of wonderful and sad experiences with my Haitian friends.  As tiring as these days were, it was complimented by the love, hugs and respect of the many people we served.  Read more...


Backpacks for Children              by Paula Lansing                        May  2016 

It’s dark, maybe 4 am, I awaken to roosters crowing across the hillside. One of which, happens to live under the convent window were I am sleeping. Another day begins in Haiti. Tap, tap, tap, the sounds of footsteps on the dry steep road, walking down in the morning and up in the evening. Read More...